TAB Austria - Company Profile

TAB CEO Thomas Stoyer

Thank you for your interest in the TAB Austria group. My name is Mr Thomas Stoyer and together with my wife and my two sons I‘m now in charge of the whole group since the beginning of 2018. Mr Siegfried Dattl junior was one of my best friends for many many years and it is a great honor for me to lead the group in his senses to further success, after his tragic death in October 2017.

Nearly 60 years ago the company „Trauner Apparatebau“ was founded.

What is a conglomerate of various companies nowadays with globally successfull and well known products, was a pure redemption machines operator back then operating machines like Darts, table soccer and billiard tables.

The reason for decades of success was and is the development and manufacturing of high quality products for the global amusement, gambling and sports betting industries.

A lot of well known companies within these industries are successfully working with our products for many years.

With the development of the SILVERBALL, the first interactive touchscreen amusement terminals to be put in bars, pubs, arcades and many more places and with more than 250 000 machines sold worldwide during the 90‘s the first major milestone was set.

In the following years TAB expanded it‘s portofoglio and became a major supplier to the gambling and sports betting industries as well.

Some major successes of TAB within these industries were the delivery of more than 20 000 FOBTs (fixed odd betting terminals) to Global Draw in the UK and more than 15 000 betting terminals to the UK and Spanish betting markets.

In South Africa, our main gambling market, we are currently having more than 2000 Golden Island gaming machines in operation.

Our own domestic operation under the name „DATTL“ developed to one of the main operators here in Austria and due to various regulations we are nowadays only operating redemtion machines all over the country, like the very successfull FUN4FOUR multigame table, or the MAX FIRE HD jukebox.

A group of companies with the flair of a family based business, this was one of Mr Siegfried Dattl junior main wishes, who led the company until his tragic death in 2017. Mr Dattl junior was not only an innovative spirit in regards to the development of new innovations for the global industry, he also knew that it takes more to be successful.

Due to this the company DATTL REALINVEST was founded in 1999, which lay the corner stone to our current real estate business.

This way of expanding further is going to be consistantly pursued and because of this the company „TAB CLOUD & PRINTSERVICES“ was founded in 2018. The company‘s main business is the sales and maintenance of printers and cloud products, together with XEROX.

What Mr Siegfried Dattl was aware of already and what is also most important for me is our good relationship internally as a company, but also to our clients and customers. More than 70 employees on our main location here in Ansfelden in various areas are constantly working on one goal. - To be the best available partner for all of our clients!


Foundation of TAB Cloud & Printservice Gmbh


Take over of the Holding by Mr Thomas Stoyer


Further expansion of the main location in Ansfelden to 13.000sqm


Opening of ORANGE CUBE, a 2500sqm bowling and amusement centre in Linz


Foundation of TAB HOLDING


Manufacture of the first SILVERBALL touchscreen terminal which was a big success all over Europe


Relocation to the current location in Ansfelden


Foundation of TAB Austria (Trauner Apparate Bau) and splitment into TAB and DATTL


Relocation with 16 employees to the first company location in Traun


Foundation of „AUTOMATEN DATTL“ by Siegfried and Annemaria Dattl in Traun. Start of football table sales.