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When coming to TAB-Austria, you're trusting an expert in out-of-home entertainment for decades. Whether you're an owner or an operator of a bar, entertainment center, club, pub or arcade then you should check out our amusement products! You'll be able to boost your earnings beyond imagination once you use the game changing Fun4Four multiplayer game table and the ground breaking Max Fire HD jukebox!

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Fun4Four Game Table

Science fiction becomes reality: the Fun4Four is the world's only multiplayer game table made especially for the out-of-home entertainment market. Full of innovation and ground-breaking games, this patented device brings a whole new game concept to your bar, entertainment center, club, pub or arcade.


TAB Fun4Four

Max Fire HD+ Jukebox


Introducing Max Fire HD+ Jukebox

At every possible opportunity, Max Fire HD+ has been engineered to work faster more easily and more efficiently. The latest version of Max Fire provides the largest online music and video library within the amusement market. It adapts to the songs and artists that are most relevant in your venue and reflects the unique musical taste of your clients.


Max Fire HD+ Jukebox



OTM - Online Terminal Management

You can optionally register to the Online Terminal Management (OTM) on all TAB entertainment devices. The OTM gives you tons of additional benefits on top of running your Fun4Four or Max Fire HD. Through your OTM you will be able to simply obtain updates, you'll constantly receive new games, you can access our online music library, you can remotely control your devices without going there in person, and you can get performance reports for all your devices easily.



Music & Fun App


Music & Fun App

The Music&Fun; app for iPhone and Android devices features a lot of additional value if used together with all TAB amusement products! Are your customers tired of walking to the Max Fire HD jukebox all the time if they want to listen to different music? Your visitors will be really surprised when they visit your venue equipped with the new Max Fire HD. Without a doubt they never experienced an app that allows them to remotely connect to a jukebox with that level of convenience. Do your customers want an even cooler Fun4Four multitouch game experience? Your players will go bananas once they experience steering a Fun4Four game by using their mobile device!


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