With over 15.000 units sold alone in the UK this betting terminal is one of the most successful betting cabinets worldwide. Due to its wide usage, it is very well established and offers a maximum of reliability to any street operation. Nearly all of the world's most successful sports betting companies rely on this terminal. This unparalleled stability ensures maximum return on investment and leads to very high turnovers.



When it comes to designing cabinets, we put special passion into the design process. The Nevada cabinet was designed to deliver a modern but timeless design. The result is a attractive device which will never run out of date and thus keeps your investment safe.



The cabinet focuses on the most important needs of street locations. It is produced by only using highest quality materials and components to ensure it gains a maximum of lifetime. It is made of metal all over and thus also protects you from burglary very efficiently. The terminal provides an excellent screen positioning to deliver to your players state of the art playing experience. It's high-end coating finish will delight every location you put this device in.



On average the cabinets we build have a downtime of less than 0,9%. That means a 24/7 operation has a time-out of less than 75 hours a year. This top value will help you make your customers more than happy and will enable you to get a maximum of benefit out of your investment. You can be confident that your customers expectations will be exceeded.


Modern and timeless design
Width 54 cm, height 174 cm, depth 53 cm
Two 19” LED displays
1920x1080 wide view resolution
One or two touch screen(s)
Two key switches
8 Buttons (optional)

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