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Get the most modern and attractive machines available within the sports betting industry now. All the cabinets offer an extraordinary level of customizability. They are available with different screen configurations and can be equipped with a whole lot of peripherals, as you need it for you special application. Our world leading betting terminals refer to almost all the top players in the industry: William Hill, Codere, Paddy Power, Gala Coral, Wettpunkt and Betfred are among our most satisfied customers.

Focused on the player

TAB SpielerSpecial passion has been put into design and player comfort. This results in cabinets that are absolute design highlights and will enlighten every location. Carefully considered screen positioning, easy to reach button panels and plenty of space for leg clearance provide for comfort of your player.

Compatible with industry standards

TAB KompatibelAll terminals support common industry standards, like the ccTalk protocol. The controller system is proven more than 100.000 times, so you can trust in reliability and stability of the machine.

Cabinet options for every need

TAB Terminal OptionenChoose your device from a set of four different premium terminal options. Each one of the terminals has been designed for a special purpose and one of them will fit your requirements for sure.

Full configuration flexibility

TAB Besonders einfachAll components can be configured to your needs. The sky is the limit. Depending on your needs bill validators, scanners, hoppers or any other devices can be integrated to your device.


Industry proven solution

TAB GlobusCurrently, accross the world there is a huge base of TAB machines in operation every day. Due to the experience coming from this, we can achieve an unparalleled level of operation quality, virtually without any interruptions to your machines.

Choose your favorite color

TAB FarbauswahlYou can choose any color you want for your terminal. It is so simple to match the terminal to your corporate colors instead of going the other way around.




Extraordinary effort has been put into transforming our proven and reliable components into a ground breaking and innovative new design. As a result our newest cabinet has become incredibly attractive. If you're looking for a brand-new, reliable betting cabinet with cutting edge design, you should choose the Go4Platinum terminal.

TAB Nevada



With over 15.000 units sold alone in the UK this betting terminal is one of the most successful betting cabinets worldwide. Due to its wide usage, it is very well established and offers a maximum of reliability to any street operation. Nearly all of the world's most successful sports betting companies rely on this terminal. This unparalleled stability ensures maximum return on investment and leads to very high turnovers.

TAB Go4Gold



Built for street operations, this terminal is the right choice if you are in search for a classic 19" device with extraordinary reliability. The up-times of this device are way above average because it contains our most proven component sets. Its incredible stability ensures maximum return on investment and leads to very high turnovers.

TAB Go4Gold HD


Go4Gold HD

A maximum of reliability to any street operation is guaranteed to you by this terminal. It impresses every player with its dual 21,5" widescreen display solution. The terminal is one of our most successful betting terminals and is installed world wide in bars or betting shops.

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