Golden Island Slant Top

Golden Island Slant Top

If you're in search for a slant top solution for your casino, bar, lobby or arcade, you will be really excited with the Golden Island Slant Top. Proven, reliable components meet extraordinary effort put into design and player experience on this device. It is available as VLT, AWP or as solution with a progressive five level Mystery Jackpot.

Golden Island Slant Top


Upon design of the Slant Top terminal, we put special attention into making this device a unique design highlight for your location. Made entirely of high-end metal, it's elegant layout will be an eye-catcher instantly: the terminal simply provides an unique and incredible feeling of pure quality and luxury.

Golden Island Slant Top


The Slant Top cabinet is equipped with one 22” and one giant 27” screen. It's extra-wide screens give your players a perfect overview of what happens in the game. The terminal is made by using high-gloss chrome-plated and coated metal, giving it fascinating beauty. Most importantly, the cabinet provides incredible comfort and convenience to your player. Due to carefully considered screen positioning and to the ergonomically designed control panel your players will keep playing that machine. On top of that, every detail down to the material and finish has been carefully chosen and precisely executed, keeping the lifetime of your cabinet as high as possible.

Golden Island Slant Top


On average the cabinets we build have a downtime of less than 0,9%. That means a 24/7 operation has a time-out of less than 75 hours a year. This top value will help you make your customers more than happy and will enable you to get a maximum of benefit out of your investment. You can be confident that your customers expectations will be exceeded.


Exclusive Design
High-gloss chrome
Coated metal
Width 71 cm, height 149 cm, depth 74 cm
One 22” + one 27” LED display
1680 x 1050 + 1920 x 1080 wide view
Two key switches
8 Buttons (optional)

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