Extraordinary effort has been put into transforming our proven and reliable components into a ground breaking and innovative new design. As a result our newest cabinet has become incredibly attractive. If you're looking for a brand-new, reliable betting cabinet with cutting edge design, you should choose the Go4Platinum terminal.



When it comes to designing cabinets, we put special passion into the design process. The ultra-slim body of this new cabinet with its futuristic lines make it a real design highlight. The cabinet is supplemented by eye-catching LED-light strips, which run alongside the cabinet and are adjustable to your individual preferences. In terms of pure beauty, this cabinet has no peer.



The Go4Platinum cabinet was built to deliver maximum convenience and player comfort. Due to carefully considered screen positioning, an easy to reach button panel and plenty of leg clearance all players will enjoy playing this machine. Every detail down to the material and finish has been carefully chosen and precisely executed, which gives the device the feeling and looks of incredible quality.



All the components built into your cabinet can be adjusted and configured as you require. Depending on your requirements, bill validators, NFC devices, scanners, hoppers or other hardware components can be mounted. You can even choose any color you want for your terminal, so simply match the terminal to your corporate colors instead of going the other way around.



On average the cabinets we build have a downtime of less than 0,9%. That means a 24/7 operation has a time-out of less than 75 hours a year. This top value will help you make your customers more than happy and will enable them to get a maximum of benefit out of their investment. You can be confident that your customers expectations will be exceeded.


Ultra-slim Body
Width 57 cm, Height 168 cm, Depth 53 cm
Two 21,5 LED Displays
1920x1080 wide view resolution
One or two touch screen(s)
Two key switches
8 Buttons (optional)

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