Hotel Bolzano 2023

The trade fair for the hotel and catering industry - 23-26.10.2023

Where the guest is the focus, his future preferences must also be the focus. In the hotel and catering industry it is important to make the year after year to make your own business fit for the future. Whether it's equipment, ambience or marketing: if you want to be successful tomorrow, you have to have your finger on the pulse of the times, be familiar with the latest products and trends, and have a and develop a feel for the hospitality of the future.

At this trade fair, the most innovative products from 500 top exhibitors - whose quality is almost legendary - will be presented to you on a silver platter. It's all about meetings with colleagues, exchanges, connections that are born in the course of every hotel fair - and all this for 4 days, with 18.000 hospitality professionals in beautiful South Tyrol.

Of course we hold here with and are present, with in the luggage we have the FUN4FOUR and completely NEW, the FUN4FOUR Mini - which we suggest to the fair visitors. We are therefore looking forward to exciting days at the Fiera Messe I Bolzano Bozen. Here you can find us: Hall CD I Booth D24/18

If you are looking for more information about Hotel Bolzano 2023, here is a link from the organizer's website:

A new update was made for the Fun4Four

Version: V16.11

The languages of the countries Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia were changed to English, Russian and Lithuanian.

Various minor bug fixes were made.

The archived game "Can't Stop" has been temporarily disabled.

With OTM enabled, there are currently 96 games on the table.


The largest trade fair for the leisure & attractions industry
THE Premier Event in Vienna!

The largest trade fair in the entertainment industry - IAPPA EXPO EUROPE 2023 - will take place again this year. Last year it was already in London, and this year it is the 1x in Vienna, from 25 - 28 September 2023.

The trade fair is the leading event for the leisure industry in the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and we ourselves are of course will of course be there with the FUN4FOUR and the FUN4FOUR Mini on a stand of 36m2 (stand number: Foyer A/629).

The IAPPA takes place at the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center - a state-of-the-art congress centre and also the largest in Austria.

Many visitors attend the Expo every year - to develop and buy new attractions for their facilities and to see what's new in the industry. In addition, the fair offers a good opportunity to learn best practices and to make contacts.

We are looking forward to these great trade fair days and many "old" and of course new contacts - perfect for all professionals from the consumer electronics!

All further information about the fair can be found on the website: https://www.iaapa.org/expos/iaapa-expo-europe

NEW at Fun4Four

With an update and 3 new games we start again

With the latest update - version V16.10 and three new games the Fun4Four is available for you.

New with it:

  • Picnic
  • Professor Hoohoo’s Multiplications
  • Triple Match

The game Roulette has been reactivated - except for Germany.
With activated OTM there are currently 95 games.


Picnic is a puzzle and match game. The tiles have to be collected by groups of three. This is achieved by moving matching tiles to the collection panel. The tiles are stacked in layers on top of each other. Only completely uncovered tiles can be collected. You have to plan ahead. The collection panel can only hold up to 7 tiles. If you fill the panel without making a match the level ends ahead of time.

"Professor Hoohoo's Multiplications"

Prof. Hoohoo’s Multiplications is a math game for training your multiplication skills. Solve sets of 3 tasks as quickly a possible. For a set with no mistakes you receive a bonus. After 10 rounds the player with the highest overall score wins the game.

"Triple Match"

In Triple Match the player has to match tiles as quickly as possible by swapping two neighbouring tiles. As soon as 3 or more same tiles land in a straight line (horizontal and/or vertical), they explode and the tiles are collected. Complete tasks from the list on the left by col-lecting according tiles to gain scores. If the tasks are not completed fast enough, they will scroll up to the ceiling and disappear.

We may present-

our latest TAB product is here!

THE ultimate gaming experience redesigned. The Fun4Four MINI.

Believe us, size does not always matter!

The only thing that differs to his bigger brother is the size. The built quality, all features, as well as the huge games library is completely the same. The FUN4FOUR MINI with a 32“ display and dimensions of 77cm height x 83cm width x 53cm depth.

NEWS at the gaming sector

he Fun4Four gets an update

The new version V16.01 at the Fun4Four is now available for you.
Also a bug with note readers for the UK area has been fixed.

A brand new game Bomblings Battle is available at the Fun4Four from version V16.00. From this version on you have to use at least 32 GB for an update USB stick. For non-international versions (e.g.: arabic, netherlands...) 16 GB USB sticks can still be used. With activated OTM there are currently 92 games.

"Bomblings Battle"

In Bomblings Battle you run around, drop bombs and try to avoid explosions. You can choose between 3 different arenas and game modes. Players get points for hits and lose points for getting hit. In game mode “Catch the Chicken” players get additional points for time spent as chicken while all other players are chasing it and trying to hit it. In game mode “Capture the Flag” players get additional points for carry-ing the flag home. Collecting power-ups gives various advantages over the opponents. Picking up curses has negativ effects on the avatars abilities. The player with the highest score wins.


Our web online store for our customers is online!

We have tried to provide a clear design and intuitive usability in the store for our customers.

The purchase of the selected items is quickly clicked and is further easily and transparently handled by our team.


A lot of new games for the Fun4Four are waiting for you. Test them right away!

In terms of development, a new version 15.20 for the FUN4FOUR has just been completed and released.
This now also supports our new Televend credit card reader and also includes 3 new games.
There are now a total of 93 games in the package on FUN4FOUR tables with an existing OTM connection.

"Block Puzzle"

In Block Puzzle, rows and/or columns must be filled in to dissolve the blocks. Placing and dis- solving blocks scores points. As the game pro- gresses, the block shapes gradually become larger and more complex. This makes it more and more difficult to find a slot for the blocks on the playing field. If gifts are cleared before the counter ends, you get a bonus. The points of the move are multi- plied by the gift. Bombs must be cleared before the counter ends. The round ends when a bomb explodes or no more moves are possible. When all trys have been used, the game ends. The best try counts - the player with the highest score wins.

"Inka Trail"

Fire balls from your snake head cannon onto the ball chain and make matches of 3 or more to clear the balls. Completely dissolve the entire chain before it reaches the end of the track to get bonus points. Fire balls onto opponents tracks to sabbotage them. 
Only the best player can achieve the highest score and win the game.


After the balls are scattered with a break shot, a player is assigned either the group of solid or striped balls once they have legally pocketed a ball from that group. The objective of the game is to pocket the 8-ball, which must only be done after all of the balls from a player’s assigned group have been cleared from the table.



Thanks to the great cooperation with the Institute for Trainee and Career Information, we have been able to reach a whole new level in our work with trainees. With the nextstep platform and the support in finding trainees, we were able to fill our open apprenticeship positions very quickly.

Wir dürfen uns nun für unser Engagement in der Berufsorientierung und modernen Lehrlingsansprache mit dem Titel als „TOP-Lehrbetrieb“ schmücken.

Thank you for this great honor. We will continue to ensure that our trainees receive the best possible training and support for their entry into professional life.


The trade fair for the hotel and gastronomy industry

Sustainability, quality and innovation lead to solutions for success with the guest of the future.

The most innovative products from 500 top exhibitors, whose quality is almost legendary. The whole thing is garnished with an event program, everything revolves around meetings with colleagues, around exchange, around connections that are born in the course of every hotel fair.

We may also be present in 2022, when the focus is on - the guest and his preferences. We are happy to present our Fun4Four gametable to the hotel industry and gastronomy in Bolzano, because with our multiplayer device you can keep both your big and your small guests happy.

We are looking forward to an exciting week at the FieraMesse BolzanoBozen.

For more information about the Hotel FieraBolzano, please visit the organizer's website at: https://www.fierabolzano.it/de/hotel/home

IAAPA Expo Europe

The Global Association for the Attractions Industry

This is where thousands of leisure professionals gather to learn what’s new and trending. With hundreds of exhibitors set to showcase their innovations, an education conference packed with insights on sustainability, guest experience, technology combined with Special Events and EDUTours, this year’s expo promises to be one of our best. 

You will also find TAB Austria on the exhibitor list, we want to show our products to this year's audience. Find us on our booth No. 3155 entrance S7 form 13th until 15th September 2022 in ExCeL London, UK.

We are looking forward to great days at the show and many new faces!

All further information about the fair can be found on the website: https://www.iaapa.org/


Experience the next adventure with brand new games.

"Bubble Shooter 2048"

In Bubble Shooter 2048 bubbles labelled with numbers have to be combined to form the target figure of 2048. You have to shoot randomly created orbs at the rows of bubbles appearing on the play screen. Tap and swipe to indicate the direction of the missile. If it hits equal sphere(s) they fuse and form a new one with the number doubled. The newly created bubble then fuses with neighbouring orbs if equal, thereby possibly creating a chain reaction. Each fusion awards points. If a ball reaches 2048 you receive a bonus score an can go on playing another round and adding even more points to your score. After the timer ends, the player with the highest overall score wins the game.


In Sphero balls labelled with numbers have to be combined to form the target figure of 2048. A randomly created sphere orbits around a mass of others sticking together in the center. Tap to launch it at them. If 3 or more equal spheres touch, they fuse and form a new one with the number doubled. Each fusion awards points. If a ball reaches 2048 you receive a bonus score an can go on playing another round and adding even more points to your score. After the timer ends, the player with the highest overall score wins the game.


The Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Exhibition

The 28th Dubai Entertainment, Amusement & Leisure Expo (DEAL), which is the most important trade fair for the entertainment, amusement and leisure industry in the Middle East, will open its doors again this year.

Aimed specifically at amusement park operators, brand owners, franchisors, licensors, property developers, investors and government representatives from around the world, it provides the perfect setting to network with more than 300 exhibitors from over 40 countries and thousands of visitors from over 100 countries.

We would also like to take this opportunity to present our unique entertainment gadget to this international audience - the Fun4Four Evo multiplayer gaming table - in a revised version. With the modern design, out gametable is not only eye-catching, it offers an incomparable gaming experience for young and old!

Visit us for a round of "Around the world" or show your skills at "TicTac Four" and convince yourself of our entertainment offer.

You will find us at stand 6 - C97 in the Dubai World Trade Center - we look forward to seeing you!

Tickets and further information can be found here: https://www.dealmiddleeastshow.com/


Experience the next adventure with brand new games.

TAB-Austria Fun4Four Parchis


The goal in Parchis is to bring all of your pieces from the starting box to the finish. To do this, each stone must circle the playing field once. The die decides how far you can go. Roll a 5 - draw a checker from the starting box. If you land on an occupied field - you hit an opponent and move 20 additional fields. No hitting on safe fields! If you land next to your own piece - you build a bridge. Bridges cannot be entered or jumped over. If you roll a 6 - you open a bridge and roll again. If you roll 3 x 6 - the last tile goes back to the start. Whoever has all four figures in the target first - wins.

TAB-Austria Fun4Four navalcombat-screen

"Naval Combat"

In Naval Combat, naval fleets compete against each other.
All players' ships are placed in secret positions on the playing field. You have to figure out the positions and sink your opponents' ships.
Choose an enemy fleet and shoot by selecting a position on the radar grid.
If you land a hit, you may shoot again. If you miss, it's the next player's turn. Try to sink all your opponents' ships. The owner of a defeated fleet is eliminated from the game. The last player standing wins the game.

TAB-Austria Fun4Four dicematch-screen

"Dice Match"

In Dice Match, dice with the same number must be combined.
If three identical cubes are next to each other they become a higher cube.

The aim is to place as many cubes as possible while creating the largest possible cube.

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