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For more than 2 decades TAB Austria has been developing and producing jukeboxes for many international markets. The new Max Fire HD+ Jukebox with impressive, controllable LED lighting, a large, crystal clear 32″ touch display, many new features and options is the latest highlight of this success story.

Huge music and video database

The Max Fire HD+ music database offers hundreds of thousands of music and video tracks. Our worldwide video clip database is simply huge. This content will quickly turn your customers into regular customers.

Music and video downloads

You don't have to pay for all music titles in advance. The jukebox shows all available music and video titles. However, you only have to pay for music that is actually selected and loaded.

The best jukebox design

The Max Fire HD+'s 32" touch screen is truly a great piece of hardware. With extremely bright and high-contrast colors, the jukebox content is displayed in maximum quality. The entire device is a design highlight, customers will not be able to overlook the device.

All top charts available

The jukebox provides an incredible collection of national and international charts. In addition to the US Hot 100, the German Top 100 and many more, your customers also have access to the Max Fire HD+ charts. Your customers use the device regularly.

Maxfire HD Blue
of Hits!



The jukebox provides an incredible collection of national and international charts that are updated daily. In addition to the US Hot 100, the German Top 100 and the Austria Top 40, your customers also have access to the Max Fire Charts. This makes it easy for your customers to find any song and use your device regularly. The ultra-sharp display shows videos in extremely high quality. Users can easily scroll through the covers using the touch screen. Search results may be displayed in list format for convenience. In summary: there has never been a more convenient jukebox - and it has never been easier to use.


The national and international charts are up-to-date and unique worldwide. In addition to the USA Hot 100, German Top 100 and Austria Top 40, guests can access their own Max Fire HD+ Jukebox chart list.

Top Hits

A unique opportunity for customer loyalty: With the Top Hits function, you can see the most popular songs on the jukebox at a glance.


In the playlist you will find all songs and videos in the order in which they are played. In the upper field of view of the menu, the appropriate music video for the respective song is played or the cover is displayed.


Search and choose from the massive music archive of the past decades on the Max Fire HD+ Jukebox. Simply enter the first letters of the artist, title or album on the virtual keyboard and the jukebox will automatically suggest all matching titles.

TAB-Austria Maxfire HD+



You've found the world's best jukebox: the Max Fire HD+ Jukebox offers all your customers the latest and greatest songs in music history. State-of-the-art design meets an incredible music archive and perfect smartphone integration. Your guests will be amazed as soon as you put your Max Fire HD+ into operation.

Online Terminal Management

With TAB Online Terminal Management you get access to our huge online music database and you can check the sales of your Max Fire HD+ jukebox at any time. Only with TAB OTM you can control your Max Fire HD+ from home.

Broadcast music videos on TV

Connect a TV or video projector to the Max Fire HD+ Jukebox and get maximum video impact in the venue.

  • Constantly growing selection of music titles and videos
  • Musik-Downloads
  • Online connection (LAN, DSL, 3G, WLAN)
  • Easy connection to TV devices/beamer/plasma/Full HD TV
  • Direct access to the OTM network with the Online Easy package
  • Coin validator, bill validator (optional)
  • Integrated 2-way amplifier (optional)

Power: 190 W
Weight: 40 kg
Height: 83.7 cm
Width: 53.1 cm
Depth: 16.5 cm

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