The ultimate gaming experience reimagined.



The brand-new Fun4Four Mini with the ultimate fun in a handy new format! Just like its big brother - the Fun4Four Evo - it meets the latest requirements. The sturdy steel construction and the high-strength surface glass of the gaming table provide additional safety.

Space for design and 4 people

It takes up less space than the Fun4Four Evo and fits automatically, as well as optically very well in a smaller ambiance from the footprint. With this added value, the entertainment value will also be noticeable.

The overview on the display

On the gaming table itself, there are no scratches or sharp edges that players could injure themselves on. In addition, the Fun4Four Mini is 100% waterproof, so there are no worries about moisture from a set-down soft drink!

Small, but clearly laid out

Equipped with a 32" multi-touch display, the Fun4Four Mini may also swell its chest proudly. Just like its big brother, it does not lack numerous features and the more than 90 games in seven categories in the out-of-home entertainment sector.

  • Latest version in space-saving design
  • 32 inch multitouch display
  • USB-C mobile phone charging sockets at both ends of the desk
  • LED light bar, freely programmable in administrator mode
  • SSD hard drive for faster start-up
  • WIN10 for more security and compatibility
  • Optional bill acceptor and coin validator
  • Optional credit card module including Apple and Samsung Pay
  • Optionale Onlineanbindung an den TAB OTM-Server
  • Every year new games for young and old
  • Standard colors white and black
  • Available in seat height

Performance: 180 W
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 77,5 cm
Broad: 83,4 cm
Depth: 53,9 cm
Screen: 32“
Anzahl der Spieler: 4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FullHD

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