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The Lucky Wheels terminal was developed and manufactured 100% in-house according to the latest standards, many years of experience and tried and tested hardware and software. It corresponds to the latest international requirements. High-quality materials, LED lighting, sophisticated technology and a unique gaming experience.

Perfect Design

All materials of the Lucky Wheels Terminal have been carefully selected to ensure the longest possible service life. The terminal was designed for single-user and casino configurations. It offers perfect design, exceptional game content and tried and tested hardware.

Convenient game flow

The buttons integrated on the side ensure a comfortable flow of the game. The ergonomically designed design keeps gamers on the device for a long time. The advanced lighting design underlines the unique appearance of the terminal and can also be equipped with an optional video topper.

Incredibly high quality

The new TAB CPU provides even more computing power and great animations. The terminal is equipped with high-quality audio and video components and is available with premium games specially developed in-house and in many different hardware configurations.

Golden Island Lucky Wheels TAB-Austria
Years of experience!

Width 61.4 cm
Height 200 cm
Depth 55.2 cm

2 x 23” LED displays
Full HD 1920 x 1080
8 keys (optional)

  • Typ AMD Trinity Industrial PC
  • CPU Dual Core 2,7 GHz
  • Operating system Windows 7 Embedded
  • IO Controller TAB I/O Controller with cctalk

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